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General disclaimer for book

Barista Techniques: an Essential Guide to Preparing and Serving Espresso Coffee Commercially, herein called 'Barista Techniques', 'guide', 'the book'.

Barista Techniques is written as a guide for people who use commercial espresso-coffee equipment. You should follow your manufacturer's or supplier's instructions for your specific brand and type of commercial coffee equipment.

Barista Techniques is not written as a guide for people who use domestic coffee equipment, because if they used the techniques outlined, they could damage the domestic equipment and might void the manufacturer's warranty. You should follow your manufacturer's instructions for your specific type of domestic equipment.

Although the author (John Doyle) and publisher (Coffee Training Centre Pty Ltd) have taken every care in preparing and writing the book, they accept no liability for any errors, omissions, misuse or misunderstandings on the part of any person who uses it. The author and publisher accept no responsibility for any damage, injury or loss occasioned to any person as a result of relying on any material included, omitted or implied in the book.

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